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Duval County

Dr. Tony Cummings  

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If it works for Seattle, Washington. 

It can work for Jacksonville, Florida. 

Let's Do This, Jacksonville. Let's Rebuild The Trust 

Between Our Citizens and Our Police.


Photo: WJXT Sheriff's Debate on the Campus of Jacksonville University

It is time to demand more of your elected officials. The citizens can no longer afford to subsidize ethically deficient, inept individuals who often because of favoritism, nepotism, and cronyism, are artificially elevated into positions of authority that negatively impact us all. We must make wiser use of our tax dollars and insist, along with our fellow citizens, that morally grounded and highly astute individuals who are not members of the "good ol' boy" network are chosen to hold these positions in the future....Read More

The Florida Star Forum---August 18, 2019


August 10, 2019: DNC Headquarters is Open for Business

5711 Bowden Road #15, Jacksonville FL 32216


          Duval County

Are Working Hard To Get Out The Vote--July18, 2018


 Duval County Democrats 

Are Ready!

Duval County Democratic Black Caucus 

Candidate Forum--June 22, 2018







Thank you for taking the time to view my husband's campaign website for Sheriff of Duval County. It is difficult to describe in words how proud I am of Tony and his commitment to the citizen's of this wonderful city of ours. I have witnessed firsthand the degree of dedication and passion that he has exhibited throughout his career protecting and serving our community. 

March 19, 2019, please join Tony on his continued quest to bring violent crime under control in our city. And feel free to tell a friend the great news, or simply forward this website address to everyone in your Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In contacts. If you have family and friends in other social media circles such as Snapchat, Viber, or Instagram feel free to share the news with them too. Tony is in this to win, but he needs your support. Let's beat back the violent crime in our city by first electing my husband as the next sheriff of Duval County. 

Dr. Andrea Marie Cummings