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Jacksonville: It's Time For A Change!




A Few Good Reasons To Vote

Dr. Tony Cummings For Sheriff in 2023


#1  Murder Capital of Florida                  
162 Homicides in 2019 and 176 Homicides in 2020

Are you tired of Jacksonville being #1 in the state of Florida in homicides year-after-year, according to FBI.gov statistical data?

#2  10th in Pedestrian Deaths              
Source: SmartGrowthAmerica (10th nationwide)

Are you tired of leading the nation in pedestrian deaths (10th nationwide), according to SmartGrowthAmerica.org?

#3  Nearly 70% Unsolved Murders          
Murder Capital of Florida

Nearly 70% of murders committed in our city have gone unsolved under the current JSO leadership. Do you believe the citizens deserve better?


#4  Wasteful Spending                             
 It's Your Tax Dollars

Do you want police service that matches the 500 million in tax dollars allocated to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) each year?
                                    2015                          2021

                                     $386 Million             $514 Million

#5  Civilian Review Boards                     
Your Voice Inside The Sheriff's Office

Do you support the use of Civilian Review Boards inside the JSO as an accountability measure?

#6  Transparency                                     
Public Seat At The Table

Do you support the implementation of greater transparency 
measures inside the JSO?


#7  JSO Leadership/Management           
Overhaul The Leadership and Management of JSO

Do you support a leadership and management change inside the JSO that is focused on building and cultivating meaningful partnerships with the citizens to reduce violent crime?

#8  Accountability        
Bridging The Gap of Trust Between Police and The Public

Do you believe that there should be an honest effort to release body camera footage in a timely manner, respectful of state law (i.e., Marsy's Law), rather than JSO hiding behind the law to avoid the release of nearly all officer worn body camera footage?

#9  Excessive Force Lawsuit                   
Reduce Excessive Force Lawsuits Filed Against JSO

Do want to stop the millions of taxpayer's dollars that are 
wasted because of excessive force and officer misconduct lawsuits filed against a few rogue JSO officers?  


#10 Rebuild The Trust 

Rebuild The Between The Citizens and The Police To Reduce Violent Crime

Do You Believe That Trust Is The Foundation of A Great Partnership?


#11 Community Policing Strategies

Strategies That Put You At The Table

Do You Support Community Policing Strategies-That Work?


#12 Community Affairs Division

Expand The Size of Community Affairs for Greater Community Outreach

Do You Feel That Policing Our Community Requires Equal Input From Everyone Living On The First Coast?


#13 Increased Minority Hiring

Recruit More Minorities As Police Officers

Do You Support An Increase of Minority Police Officers Into The JSO Ranks?


#14 Improved Community Engagement 

Better Community Engagement Training For JSO Officers

Do You Support Improved Community and Police Relationships Through Greater Community Engagement Training of JSO officers?


#15 Increased Use of Civil Citations

Our Youth Deserve A Second Chance To Get It Right

Do You Believe That The Youth of Jacksonville Deserve A Second Chance For Minor Violations of the Law?


#16  A Safer Jacksonville                        
Your Safety Is Priority #1

Do you support a safer First Coast Community?



If you support these commonsense police reform measures, please join the 56,780 Duval 
County residents who also support these measures by voting Dr. Tony Cummings as the next elected Sheriff of Duval County: 

March 21, 2023
   Dr. Tony Cummings

              It's Time For A Change!

Go Vote!