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1000+Murders in Jacksonville, Florida (Out of Control)

Our city has led the state of Florida in murders for the past 10 years. Since 2003, more than one thousand (1000) murders have been committed in Jacksonville, making it the unofficial murder capital of the state. Don't you think it is time we focus our attention on the real problem (i.e., the lack of leadership)? If so, please join me March of 2015 in making Jacksonville a Better/Safer Community Together! 

                ***After all, it is your tax dollars (How much are you paying ?)*** 
                                  Also see: (Taxpayer's Return On Investment)  

The primary mission of the Sheriff's Office is to PROTECT and serve the citizens of Jacksonville. Click on the thumbnails or links below and judge for yourself whether or not the mission has been fulfilled since 2003 under the current Sheriff's Office leadership. The unflattering title of Murder Capital of Florida, coupled with these direct quotes made by a senior Sheriff's Office administrative official, should help you make an informed decision in 2015. 

                                              Did he say twice as safe? 
                       ***More importantly, do you feel TWICE as safe?***

Direct Quotes: 
"...you’re literally twice as safe today as you were in 1991. But nobody feels it. Nobody feels it because of the way that we report crime...” (WOKV.com, 2011) 

"Our violent crime rate is the lowest it has been in 40 years and our murder rate is the lowest it has been in 40 years...” (Florida Times Union, 2012)

                                                                      -Senior Sheriff's Office Administrative Official

Important Note:

September 12, 2013, the same Senior Sheriff's Office Administrative Official attended a "Stop The Violence and Crime in Our Cityleadership summit luncheon at a local church with other city leaders. 

                                            2011-"you're literally twice as safe..."  

      2012-"our violent crime rate...and murder rate is the lowest..."

   2013-Stop the Violence Summit?

  2014-Cease Fire Initiative?


March 24

2015--It's Time for a Change

Dr. Tony T. Cummings

***Out of Touch and Out of Time in 2015***


Let's Build a Better/Safer Community....Together!

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