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"The No Snitch Rule"

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May 25, 2020

Ex-officer Derek Chauvin, in 2020, kneeling on George Floyd's, an unarmed-handcuffed black man, neck while making an arrest. Chauvin would later be charged with murder, found guilty by a jury, and sentenced to prison.

 3 MPD Officers Failed To Intervene


April 27, 2016

In 2016, Jacksonville Sheriff Officer, Akinyemi Borisade was videotaped beating a handcuffed woman, Mayra Martinez, in the parking lot of a local Jacksonville business. He was later seen on video striking the handcuffed woman a second time inside the Duval County jail. 

3 JSO Officers, 1 CSO Failed To Intervene 

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March 3, 1991

Motorist Rodney King, in 1991, was brutally beaten by LAPD officers during a traffic stop for speeding on an LA freeway. The officers were later arrested and charge with battery for using excessive force that caused serious bodily injury. A jury found the officers not guilty in a controversial decision that sparked nationwide riot's. 

17 LAPD Officers Failed To Intervene
Reclaiming An Honorable Profession
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Don't Let 1% of Rogue Officers 
Silence the 99% of Good Ones

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To My Fellow Officers, 

This is a pivotal moment in time for our agency and our profession. The headlines of officers arrested that presumably brought you to this page, represents a small number of the over 1800 sworn officers in the organization. However, that small number of officers are causing a lot of chaos for the men and women in uniform in our city who proudly wear the badge. And if we are honest with ourselves we, as an agency and as a profession, have not done a good enough job policing ourselves over the years. I could not imagine the general public’s frustration with our profession being so high if it weren’t the case. In fact, I can recall only one time in my 28 years in law enforcement when the public’s outrage regarding police misconduct was this high, and that was the 1991 videotaped beating of motorist Rodney King by LAPD officers that sparked riots nationwide. 

Regardless of what you may think about the violations that prompted the three individuals unfaithful encounter with police shown in the videos above, you should be equally frustrated and outraged by the conduct of these officers. They are now the poster children for abuse of power and excessive force at the hands of the police, and rightfully so. The public’s frustration with our profession was well-founded in 1991, and it is well-founded today. The senseless murder of George Floyd in 2020 by police in Minneapolis, coupled with the countless other controversial videotaped deaths and shootings of unarmed citizens by the police around the country, to include the abusive attack on Ms. Martinez at the hands of a uniformed member of our agency, has only added fuel to what I would describe as a five-alarm fire. In most instances, it wasn't difficult to identify policy violations and laws that were broken by the officers in these videotaped encounters. The abuse of power and break from normal policing protocols was self-evident in most cases. And like it or not, these officer's actions have made all of our jobs less safe today. Think about it. What if Mr. King , Ms. Martinez, or Mr. Floyd were your loved ones? How would you feel?

For the few officers reading this message who simply may not get it. Can you understand the public's outrage now?

So, how did we get here? I’m sure those officers did not wake up the morning of their encounters with the intentions of violating someone’s civil rights - or did they? I’m willing to bet that the “blue code of silence" that you often hear citizens talking about when describing some of their experiences with the police, actually exists inside the Minneapolis Police Department and the LAPD. I know it exists inside the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. The video inside the sally-port of our jail showing officers failing to intervene in the senseless beating of Ms. Martinez,  pretty much proves that point.  And like cancer, if the blue code of silence is never properly eradicated it will spread and dominate the host (i.e., our policing profession). The officers and their actions in the example given were likely the product of a blue code of silence culture that was never properly diagnosed and treated, resulting in unfortunate and tragic situations for our city and our nation. Just imagine if one of those officers in either situation actually did the right thing and intervened? That’s real policing of the police by the police.

Ask yourself this question: How is the “blue code of silence” any different than the “no snitch rule" that most, if not all, of your encounter on the streets of our city every day? This is the very same no snitch rule that has contributed, in part, to our city being labeled “The Murder Capital of Florida.” Both are equally corrosive and destructive to the wellbeing of our society and must be confronted head-on.

On August 23, 2022 (Special Election), you can help break the “blue code of silence” and the “no snitch rule” that has handicapped our agency, and all but crippled our city. You can help reclaim our profession by making our agency the beacon of ideal policing for other agencies and communities to follow. This will only happen if police misconduct inside the agency is immediately identified, reported, and those in violation held accountable for their actions. 

Thank you for listening and I look forward to serving each of you as your next elected sheriff.



                                                         Dr. Tony Cummings

                                                         Candidate For Sheriff 2023


Dr. Tony Cummings


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