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Special Election Day

August 22, 2022

Important: Residents of Duval County may cast their vote on Election Day for either candidate for sheriff, regardless of party affiliation (democrat, republican, no party affiliation). For more information, please contact the Duval County Supervisor of Elections Office at (904) 630-255-8683.

Candidate's Closing Argument
for Change in Leadership Inside the JSO 


In 2015, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office budget was $386 million and our city recorded 112 homicides. In 2019, the JSO budget climbed to $435 million, while the city hit a new record of 162 homicides. Here we are today and the JSO proposed budget is $514 million, with the city having set yet another record with 176 homicides in 2020, surpassing the record set in 2019, and over 100 murders, 3-years in a row (2019 * 2020 * 2021). 

You see Jacksonville, reducing violent crime is not about giving up more of your hard earned tax dollars as the previously stated numbers clearly indicate. It's about hiring quality 
management and skilled leadership inside the agency that can direct the men and women in a fundamentally new strategic direction to effectively tackle the problem. Anything else is simply dancing around the real problem of broken community trust in JSO leadership, and a waste of your valuable time and tax dollars.

"It is time to demand more of your elected and appointed leaders. The citizens of Duval County can no longer afford to use taxpayer's dollars to subsidize ethically deficient, inept individuals 
who, often because of  favoritism, nepotism, and cronyism, are artificially elevated into 
positions of authority in our city." It's Time For A Change!

                                           -Dr. Tony Cummings
   Dr. Tony Cummings

               It's Time For A Change!