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28 Year Law Enforcement Experience

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office,
2012 Six Pillars of Character, Employee of the Year

Former U.S. Army Military Police Supervisor, Assigned to the U.S. State Department (Top Secret Clearance Held)

State of Florida, Department of Education Leadership Certification

International Professional Society
National Society of Leadership
and Success (NSLS)

Doctoral Degree in Organizational Leadership with a Minor in Conflict Resolution From Nova Southeastern University (NSU)

Master's Degree in Organizational Management 

Undergraduate Degrees in Business Administration and Criminal Justice

SWAT, Air Assault, and Commando Trained, Assigned to Protect the Former Ambassador to the United Nations and Director of Central Intelligence, the Late Honorable 
Vernon A. Walters
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Greater Stewardship of Your Tax Dollars

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In the 2015 Jacksonville Sheriff's Office televised debate, held on the campus of Jacksonville University's Public Policy Institute, Dr. Cummings proposed reforming the JSO to help reduce violent crime in Jacksonville, which he said our city was "hemorrhaging" from at the time. He returned to the campaign trail in 2019 to reiterate his urgent message of the need to reform our police department.
In 2020, after the tragic murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin, the U.S. Congress, House of Representatives introduced HR 7120 (i.e., George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020), which calls for similar police reform measures, as those proposed by Dr. Cummings in the 2015 sheriff's debate, to be implemented inside police departments nationwide.

A Safer First Coast Community 
Leadership, Management, Accountability, Outreach, Stewardship, Transparency


Civilian Review Boards

and Public Accountability Office

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Wasteful Spending/ Inefficiencies. "We Must Do More With Your Tax Dollars"
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Expanded Community Affairs For Increased Community Outreach

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Increased Minority Hiring
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  Increased Civil Citations (2nd Chance)

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Violent Parolees Recruiting Children
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                                     Video Clips: News4Jax 2015 Sheriff's Debate Jacksonville University's Public Policy Institute

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