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Dr. Tony Cummings has officially qualified for the August 23rd 2022 Special Election Ballot...............Our campaign team would like to send a heartfelt thank you to the 56,780 Duval County residents who cast their vote for our candidate in the 2019 sheriff's race, making that contest one of the strongest Election Day challenges to an incumbent sheriff in Duval County in decades....................We're back in this 2022 Special Election to again ask for your support to finish the job that our campaign team started of reforming, not defunding, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office....................The taxpayers of Jacksonville spend nearly $500 million annually for police services, and yet our city remains "The Murder Capital of Florida" with over 100 murders 3-years in a row, according to FBI.gov statistical data...............In addition, the watchdog group "Smart Growth America" ranked our city 6th nationwide in pedestrian deaths (source: SmartGrowthAmerica.org)..............This Is Simply Unacceptable...............If you agree, please take a minute to share this website with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In and other social-media contacts by clicking one of the "Social Media Sharing Options" located on this page underneath our campaign commercial...............In 2015, our grassroots, door-to-door, campaign secured a modest 10,243 votes in the election for sheriff...............In 2019, we dramatically increased our vote total with an impressive 56,780 votes secured against an incumbent sheriff (that's nearly 40% of votes cast)................On August 23rd 2022 (Special Election), our campaign goal, with your help of course, is to reach 50% + 1 vote...............Jacksonville: It's Time For A Change!

Special Election
August 23rd 2022
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Qualified Candidate for Special Election

Thoroughly Vetted By The Local Media

Aired July 31st 2022


News4Jax Makes Correction 

to Inform Voting Public

News4Jax Failed to Inform the Public that Dr. Cummings 

Received 38%, 56,780 votes of the Public's Vote in 2019 

Against the Incumbent Sheriff Mike Williams. 

Aired August 29, 2022

News4Jax Makes Corrections on Votes Received by 

Dr. Cummings in the 2019 Race For Sheriff. Dr. Cummings secured 38% of the vote totaling 56,780 votes.

Aired August 30, 2022

First Coast News Interview

with Katie Jeffries 

Katie Jeffries sat down with Dr. Cummings to here his plan on how he would lower violent crime in Jacksonville, Florida if elected sheriff.  

Dr. Tony Cummings: "The citizens of Jacksonville are the key to reducing violence crime in our city. They're the missing link." 

Kent Justice
The Florida Star
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First Coast Connect 

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Public Political Forum

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Televised Sheriff's Debate



Jacksonville Sheriff's Race
Countdown To Election Day

August 23rd Special Election

Registered voters of Duval County may cast their vote on Election Day for either candidate for sheriff, regardless of party affiliation (democrat, republican, NPA). For more information, please contact the Duval County Supervisor of  Elections Office at (904) 630-255-8683.  It's Time For A Change!

Our Campaign Supports


  • Public Accountability of Police Resources
  • Civilian Review Boards/Accountability Office
     CRBs are comprised of Republicans, Democrats and Independents 
  • Reducing Wasteful Spending of Tax Dollars
  • Greater Transparency Measures Inside JSO
  • Improved Community Engagement
  • Change In JSO Management/Leadership
  • Reduction in Excessive Force Lawsuits
  • Adoptions of COPS Strategies -That Work!
  • Increased Minority Hiring of Police Officer
  • Increased Use of Misdemeanor Civil Citations
  • Introduction of Adult Civil Citation Program
  • Expanded JSO Community Affairs Division

Civil Citations For MINOR Violations Only






What Exactly Is Reform?

  • To put or change into an improved form        or condition

  • To amend or improve by change of form       or removal of faults or abuses

  • To put an end to by enforcing or                    introducing a better method or course            of action.


                        -Merriam Webster.com

REFORM does not mean DEFUND

Who does police reform benefit? 


Bridging The Gap of Trust Between

The Police and The Community

Important Notice: This sheriff's election is an OPEN SEAT due to the current sheriff having reached term limits. There will be a new face inside the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office after the Special Election on August 23, 2022. That means this election presents an opportunity for you, THE VOTER, to vote for new policing strategies to be implemented across the City of Jacksonville to help reduce out-of-control violent crime and rebuild the public's trust in JSO's management and leadership (i.e, reform). For those voters who question the need to reform the Sheriff's Office, please understand that reform, or finding a better method or course of action according to Webster's Dictionary, is in direct alignment with the longstanding Sheriff's Office Core Value of "ALWAYS IMPROVING". In other words, JSO reform benefits everyone in our city. Yes, Everyone!

Learn How at "Get The Facts"


  It's Time For A Change!