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Dr. Tony Cummings  

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How does Dr. Tony Cummings compare to other candidate(s) for Office of the Sheriff of Duval County? Scroll down to make an informed comparison. Please note that the candidate's credentials are for comparison purposes only. All filed candidates for Office of the Sheriff of Duval County in 2019 can be found at the Supervisor of Elections: http://www.duvalelections.com.

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Dr. Tony T. Cummings

2019 Democrat Candidate for Sheriff

5-Star Average Rating

Law Enforcement Experience: 

28 years



*Doctorate in Organizational Leadership

*Master’s in Organizational Management

*Bachelor’s in Business Administration

*Associate’s in Criminal Justice


Military Service: 5-Years

U.S. Army Military Police (supervisor), which included an assignment with U.S. State Department (top-secret clearance)


Awards and Recognition:

2012 Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office,

Six Pillars of Character, Employee of the Year


Professional Certifications:

State of Florida Department of Education Professional Educator's Certification in Education Leadership (All Levels)


Positions Held:

* Crime Scene Technology/Adjunct Professor

* Missing Persons Investigator

* Undercover Narcotics Detective

* Burglary Detective

* Field Training Officer

* Crisis Intervention Officer

* Community Service Officer Ethics Instructor

* Patrolman


Mike Williams

2019 Republican Candidate for Sheriff

2 1/2-Star Average Rating

Law Enforcement Experience: 

27 years



*Bachelor's in Government/Religion 


Military Service: 2-Years

*Air National Guard 

Awards and Recognition:

Not Published


Professional Certifications:

Not Published



Not Published

Positions Held: 

*Patrol and Enforcement

*Homeland Security


*Tactical Support


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